In the beginning...

So we're here and things are going great, discounting a few bumps in the road with adjusting and getting settled in. We're enjoying the beautiful (and amazingly mild/not humid) weather, as well as getting reacquainted with our legs. Even though the public transport is great, we're still walking a ton, which I'm glad of, otherwise all the cheese we've been eating would settle directly on my hips! We miss everyone at home, but are looking forward to sharing all of our experiences through this blogspot. BTW, you can click on the pictures to supersize them :) and there's a shutterfly link to the right which will house all our Switzerland albums.

Soph and Tyler (Swiss Mrs. and Mr.) :)

(edit:) Tyler: Hey Soph, how are people going to know which one of us is writing this blog?
Soph: You better not mess this blog up!
Tyler: I probably will. Sorry.
Soph: That's ok honey. We'll just have to put a note warning people that the writing style might change mid-paragraph. I think this qualifies as that note.